Saturday, December 02, 2006


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No, I'm not hanging out in ladies locker, this is actually a combined locker for men and women, haha. Each locker looks similar and plain but when employees simultaneously open their lockers during break-time, time-in, and time-out, you'll see unique and artistic designs plastered on the inside door of their lockers. Others intentionally plastered something for the world to see like photo of their cute children and sweetheart, photo of movie star, inspirational quotes, caricature, etc, etc. Interesting isn't? If you were to design yours, what would you plaster on the door of your locker?

| posted by Iskoo, 8:12 AM


Nice... :)

A collage of pictures of me.. family and friends. nyahaha. and.. uhm.. butterfly pictures? lol. :P Lots of pink, yellow and white. :P
Blogger tina, at 6:05 PM  
Hahaha, it reminds me when I was in college. I put on it the celebrity photo in my locker. But most of it are reminders, especially class schedule.
Blogger Raquel, at 6:39 PM  
I know Iskoo...lots of posters, photos, cut outs etc. I know of my naughty male colleague putting porn pics :D
Isn't that your picture we can see in the open locker? ;-)
I don't think I would plaster anything.
I like this picture.
Blogger Sidney, at 6:59 PM  
This picture also reminds me of my college life, I remember one day we did nasty thing abt one of my friend's locker.. Uh oh, napakalaking gulo nangyari hehe :D

I might put nothing on my locker door siguro para mas ok.. :)
Pictures of my kids of course! And probably that poster of Ricky Martin that I have in my workstation. :)
Picture syempre ng mga kids ko para everytime na bubuksan ko sila ang unang makikita ko.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:20 PM  
pics ng mga loved ones ko at ng mga idols ko,pati na rin beautiful sceneries para makapag unwind pag may mga pain in the ass,LOL!
Anonymous ghee, at 9:33 PM  
I think,I'll hang a mirror in there lol Which reminds me of your 'stressed' post :D
Blogger cheH, at 10:41 PM  
Am gonna put God's picture and my name's cutout! *Wink*
Blogger Wendy, at 12:04 AM  
somrthings that motivate me each day. may own face kaya? hehehe

walang ng tahong ubos na sowey ha...
Anonymous juana, at 2:05 AM  
Ang ganda ng kuha mo kuya iskoo ah! Boring ang locker ko, libro lang ang nakalagay. Hahaha! Tinatamad kasi ako, =p
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:10 AM  
my overly delicious face pic hahahaha :)
Blogger jef, at 2:42 AM  
hehehe ako gusto ko hello kitty na pink! oh divah kyut hehhehe
happy weekend!
Anonymous ethel, at 5:43 AM  
Ey, to answer that question?

With my narcissistic tendency? LoL! I will post my own pics! nah, lol!
Anonymous vince, at 5:55 AM  
hi! this pic reminds me of highschool. i used to adorn mine with pictures of friends :)
Blogger denden, at 7:47 AM  
i put mirror! hehehe bongga diba pag-bukas po lang ng locker ko mukha ko agad nakikita ko or faces ng iba pang naglala-locker :) tapos sa paligid nun mga pics ng niece and nephew ko :)
Blogger jhenny, at 7:49 AM  
hi! are you from analog in gen trias? from what department?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:33 AM  
I like this shot. Ang ganda ng effect ng pagka overexpose nya pati yung movement. Very nice!

Hmmmm... baka gawin kong parang scrapbook ang locker ko, kung anu-anong pic pati stickers and magnets and papers with tapes on anything interesting I can find.
Anonymous Ferdz, at 9:15 AM  
I would probably have the photo of Duran Duran! Haha. Joke lang. It would probably be full of reminders so there would be no place for designs or photos.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:29 AM  

joke daw o! duranie ka talaga sa MIT, no?!? anyway, we used to have shared lockers (locker ng bayan!) because we were all too lazy (or too occupied sa tambay) to register individual lockers...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:15 PM  
i remember i got a locker when I work as a cashier in landmark , makati. Then nag ka lindol, di ko pwede iwan yong hopia ko, kasi pan tinda ko yun, haha.instead deretso uwi gaya ng iba, no, daan ako sa under ground floor to get my hopia boxes!

Yun na. Hopia boxes around three of them na tig 1.50 isa laman ng locker ko, lol
working mom ako non with three kids to feed...
Ah those were the days...LOCKER of Hopia! cool!
Just Takeshi Kaneshiro and nothing more.


I haven't dropped by here in a while... do you have a new camera? Your pictures look nicer. :)
I don't know why our center has no locker... I wanted to have so bad. But i have to deal. Hehehe.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:45 PM  
It will be playing music! =)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:53 PM  
never pa akong nagkalocker... pero pag bukas mo ng locker ko puro siguro books, at ang mga pictures na ipost ko mga pics ng mga iba ibang instances na kasama ko mga iba ibang set ng friends ko...

ganda ng kuha! pedeng gamitin sa poster :D
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:05 PM  
never pa akong nagkalocker... pero pag bukas mo ng locker ko puro siguro books, at ang mga pictures na ipost ko mga pics ng mga iba ibang instances na kasama ko mga iba ibang set ng friends ko...

ganda ng kuha! pedeng gamitin sa poster :D
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