Saturday, December 30, 2006


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It's a miracle! Done with my project though I had to stay more than 24 hrs in the office just to complete the task. But anyways the reward is that I am no longer needed in the office tomorrow. Holiday again at last, sarap mag-relax!

| posted by Iskoo, 12:27 PM


Ayus! Buti na lng at natapos mo din. Ok lng na dumeretso ka para bakasyon mo deretso din. Laki rin cguro ng OT pay mo nyan. Onga time to relax! Nakakarelax pag masdan yung mga ilaw sa tubig. Happy holidays!
Anonymous Ferdz, at 10:18 PM  
YAY!!! Happy New Year my dear pal!
talagang masarap magrelax! haha.

advance happy 2007 to you!
well, may the holidays give you the relaxation that you need.

happy new year!
Iskoo, tnx for that impression, lol! Anyway, holiday ka na bukas and u might want to change for a new one this new year? It was painful for me sa pagbago ng bahay.

Good on you, nasa labas ka so pwede ka nang mamasyal from tomorrow.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:26 AM  
sir iskooooo,

yes holiday mo na...este natin ...happy new year po..wishing you more blessings to come in 2007. God Bless!!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:21 AM  
ah eh, dito ka pala nagpagabi at nag relax! hehe

happy new year! ito bati ko sa iyo.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:45 AM  
Hi isko!!! dami ko nang absent dito...sorry!!! quite busy...
anyway, wishing you a joyful and prosperous new year!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:02 AM  
Happy New Year dear Iskoo! sana masagana ang 2007 nating lahat:)
Blogger cheH, at 12:21 PM  
Hi Iskoo, at last makapagpahinga ka na rin.

Happy New Year...wishing you more blessings to come!
Anonymous Raquel, at 3:23 PM  
Good for you.. Happy relaxing and Happy New Year!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:01 PM  
This is so beautiful! Happy New Year!
Anonymous Toe, at 12:27 AM  
hey! have a blessed year ahead! and belated merry christmas! *lol (ako na ata ang super late bumati ng christmas. *lol)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:34 AM  
wow! ganda ng view na yan ah! ang sarap nga mag relax lalo na sa mga lugar na tahimik. :)

happy new year!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:58 AM  
hmm, bakit magkasunod ang Iskoo at Cruise sa tagboard ko? lol! ano ba talaga , kuya :D
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:07 AM  
kaibigan ka pla ni marvin ha..hehe..mejo pinagisip mo ko dun..hehehe
Blogger mrug5, at 4:33 AM  
ko para sa iyo ;)

Happy New Year!!
excellent photo iskoo! this is a winner!
Happy New year!
Blogger Dennis, at 6:34 AM  
mabuti at natapos mo rin kahit sagad ang OT, mahirap simulan ang taon na OT agad eh, congrats :)
Blogger eye, at 6:38 PM  
wow! mukhang dami ng pera ni iskoo ah hehehe kaka-OT... makapamasko nga :P
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