Sunday, October 29, 2006


While waiting for the result of my CBC in a Medical Center, I read this intriguing column of Ms Tantoco. She said that some people think it's too morbid to talk about death but death is part of the reality that we really should perpare for. The thought that death can knock at the door when least expect it should make us appreciate our love ones, be kinder to others, always remember to be thankful and make the most of each day that's given us. To quote further.. Gary Lising's answer is "I would like to leap from a 50-story building because I like to jump to conclusion!"
Can I ask the same question, how do you want to die?
| posted by Iskoo, 5:26 AM


Interesting question para sa holloween. Gusto ko mamatay ng natural death, yung tatanda ka pero pag mamamatay ka parang matutulog ka na lng pero di ka senile. Ganun yung isang Lolo ko dati.

Pero kung biglaan, gusto ko mamatay sa isang samurai fight, yung mabilis ma hahagod yung espada sa ulo ko. Quick and painless. Hehehe
Anonymous Ferdz, at 7:17 AM  
yung sound and deep asleep tapos di na magigising pa.
Anonymous juana, at 11:18 AM  
mhmm... same with juana. :P
i think almost everybody would want to die... peacefully.. just not waking up at all.. cause you're in a different realm already.
Blogger tina, at 1:25 PM  
Hmm.. Interesting question... Teka paano nga ba??

I want to die in my sleep na lang. Less pain, less mess. Pero sana due to old age ang pagkamatay. :)
Blogger sasha, at 6:30 PM  
I want to grow old first, I want to see my grand children before I die.
Gusto ko, peaceful ang death ko. 'Yung matutulog nang masarap then 'di na magigising pa.
But before that, gusto ko munang makita lahat ng mahal ko sa buhay for the very last time. 'Yung tipong I'll go to their rooms, stare at them while sleeping, then after that, matutulog na ako at 'yun, wala ng gisingan.
Blogger Wendy, at 7:05 PM  
I wanna die in my sleep. Less hassle, less medical expenses (or maybe even zero),less mess and less pain.
well, i want to die peacefully at kuntento na ako sa buhay... isn't that nice?
gusto ko pag namatay ako ung tipong patay na... :D dati I want to die in my sleep... para walang sakit... but then, we were talking about this same topic with a friend and we have concluded that for sure we don't want to die because we couldn't wait for death to claim us. and we don't want to die an unglamorous death (ung napatay dahil naholdup echetera echetera...). Parang mas ok ata sa personality kong mabalitaang namatay si joyce nilapa ng shark nung nagscuba diving, o kaya nahampas ang ulo sa bato nung magbunjee jump, o kaya namatay sa lamig sa Mt. Everest. hehehe :D
Blogger joyce, at 8:30 PM  
Hmmm..i like to die with a smile on my face!!!
Anonymous basey, at 10:08 PM  
maraming gusto pumunta ng heaven pero takot namang mamatay. hahah... ako kaya di go gusto yung naghihirap pa pwede na lang mercy killing wag lang ma mouse trap.
gusto ko yung sagot ni basey... i wanna die laughing... or para mas cheesy, in the arms of the one-true-love!!

Ako ganun din siguro yung hindi na lang magigising pero syempre gusto ko okay na lahat ng iiwan ko, yung makita ko mga anak ko na stable na ang buhay sa kanilang mga pamilya.
Anonymous ann, at 10:49 PM  
basta hindi morbid. if ever naman from illness, gusto ko cancer
i want to have fulfilled my purpose before i die... and when i die, i want to experience some pain, not too morbid but the more tolerable one, one that would remind me i should be thankful i felt pain for the last time because i was human...
Anonymous gbert, at 11:36 PM  
pde ba magplano muna bago mamatay? hahaha! para di na maghirap ang pamilya ko.

right now, plan ko kapag namatay ay i-creamate ang bangkay ko at isaboy sa mt.pulag. ok ba yun?
now i know lots of people want to die in their sleep when the grow old.

i'm not alone!

but dying from laughing so hard aint as bad.. i guess..
pag matanda na ako gusto ko yong nakahiga lang ako as room ko tapos di na magigising kinaumagahan namatay dahil sa kantandaan hehehe

happy halloween!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:00 AM  
i will love to die in the hands of my love one, so i can say thank you to her for everything ;)
Anonymous abel, at 5:25 AM  
Yung may purpose like dying to save someone else\'s life.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

Dylan of Guts. Grit. Gumption.
morbid for a monday post,isnt it? u have a good week.
In my sleep.....ZZzzzzz....
gusto ko yung matandang-matanda na ako tapos bigla na lang hindi magigising! aaay... sarap! sobrang peaceful yun!
Blogger rHo, at 8:31 AM  
old age.
Katulad ng sinabi ng karamihan, I wanna die peacefully yung tamang pipikit na lang mata ko tapos dead na :)
i want to die in my sleep.

am i ready to die? of course ! =)

asa ospital ka? nye! get well soon! pero uyyy photo op ka sa loob ng ospital pati na rin hot momma este nurses..hahaha ok ansama ko!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:19 PM  
if possible, i want to live forever. But to choose to die, i dont. death comes naturally.

Its not dreaful to die, as our body just dont feel anything anymore when we die.

i was "dead" when given aneshesia at hospital, so I can say that it doesnt hurt at all.
i want to die satisfied with my life.

if that is at all possible.

i just don't want to live forever.
Blogger ivy, at 4:35 AM  
hmmm, while sleeping. basta yung tulog tapos di na magigising.

ayoko ng madudugo, yung masasaksak or mababaril..hahaha
Anonymous shai, at 4:36 AM  
honestly right now hinde pa ako ready na mamatay waaaaaa ( knock on wood!)

dami ko pa pangarap sa buhay at hinde ko pa nakikita ang magiging lahi ko, kung maganda ba or kasing cute sila lahat hehehe :P

natural death na lang... para at least na-enjoy ko naman ang buhay ko :)
Blogger jhenny, at 5:35 AM  
ayoko nang mahirapan bago ako mamatay.. gusto ko sa bahay lang..

ayoko nung gagastos pa ako ng malaki tapos la rin palang kwenta.. kung oras ko na, oras na...
Anonymous karmi, at 8:27 AM  
As long as I'm done with what I intend to do in this life, it doesn't matter... mamamatay ka rin naman anyway eh.
Blogger Anie, at 10:42 AM  
I wanna die from a single Samurai slash. Violent ba? Pero its quick and you still look good in your coffin... or at least if you're head isn't chopped off. :P
interesting topic...would you believe i took death and concept during my university years and some religion pala have different practices when their people dies...meron pinapakain sa birds and some leave the body sa river...

my answer to your question is: i want to die with dignity...
Blogger alynn, at 1:51 PM  
sleeping... peaceful... :D
Blogger pauL, at 5:02 PM  
i want to be able to say goodbye to my loved ones... di kaya yun kung natulog na lang ako't di nagising di ba? :o)
of old age.. ^_^
or yung tipong hero epek.. mamamatay ng may ililigtas.. hehe.. ^_^
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:59 AM  
Sayang we all die. If not with those two idiots named Adam and Eve, there's no need for that question. :-)
I want to die doing what I love most. I haven't found out that yet---so matagal pa nyahahaha :-D
Blogger jef, at 10:02 PM  
In my chair, looking at the sunset!
Blogger Sidney, at 9:17 PM  
Iskoo? Just as simple as.....REST IN PEACE...just kidding!

para sa akin ala Fairy tale and storya, since pangarap kong maging Princess, basta na-meet ko na yung Prince sa panaginip ko, I think I'm ready to die... pero simple lang ang gusto ko...basta yung ipipikit ko nalang yung mga mata ko after seeing my love ones, family and friends...I think I'm ready to give my life back to God....
Anonymous Tin, at 10:16 AM  
i'd like to die happy. doesn't matter how.
Blogger eZeR., at 7:23 PM  

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