Thursday, October 26, 2006


Do you believe in luck?
| posted by Iskoo, 4:51 AM


uhmm no..i dont. :)
Blogger tina, at 6:03 AM  
Sometimes I do.....I really do coz I do get lucky. Er..not so much in lottery though :(
Chances happen, it may knock on one's door, it may pass without giving you notice. But then one must not depend on it.
Anonymous Joy, at 7:00 AM  
no, i believe in honest work and good attitude towards it, then theirs luck coming into it. Not in Lotto, oi, nilulutoo lang kayo niyan, lol
hmm i dont also...its honest work and perseverance...di naman maganda iasa ang pag asenso sa lotto.
Anonymous basey, at 8:16 AM  
I do! Sometimes I try to compare myself with those beggars in the street. I can have meals three times a day while they can't. So I believe in luck.
Anonymous Jam, at 9:09 AM  
kung talagang nailaan para iyo ay mapapasaiyo ito
Anonymous juana, at 1:35 PM  
good luck o bad luck? :P

Ako hindi, paniwala ko nasa belief at will ng tao kung anong darating sa kanya.. lalim nun ah

Dad ko nanalo na several times nung 5 numbers lng, pero pansin ko just when we needed the money
Anonymous ferdz, at 4:13 PM  
i believe more in fate. hehe. if it is a person's fate, then it will really come to him/her no matter what happens. And in hard work too!... pateince, faith, trust...
Anonymous rowjie, at 5:31 PM  
i do.. minsan talaga may araw na maswerte at may araw na malas ka..

and on being lucky, i had been dreaming of winning the lotto jackpot alone... BUT... hinde ako tumataya sa lotto. weird. hehehe
Blogger jhenny, at 6:54 PM  
wala naman mawawala kung maniniwala, pero hindi tayo dapat mag rely na lang sa luck completely.
Anonymous shai, at 7:16 PM  
ako siguro. oo. but i rather call it blessings!
Anonymous lojik, at 7:41 PM  
I do! But I don't rely on it :)
Blogger sasha, at 8:16 PM  
uhhmm..pag inde ako seryoso i do..pero pag serious stuff na...inde..hehehe..
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:25 PM  
i agree with juana
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:20 PM  
yea...but luck doesn't believe in me. so i try to shy away as much as i can.
Anonymous rayts, at 10:55 PM  
i don't...
Anonymous gbert, at 12:36 AM  
nope... i take it as blessings...
Blogger pauL, at 2:27 AM  
BLESSING ang tawag ko *wink*
Blogger Wendy, at 3:05 AM  
agree ako kay wendy! blessings, graces and favors yan!
Anonymous mousey, at 3:08 AM  
winners are not positive because they're lucky i guest winners have good luck because they are focused on the "positive" there is a positive way to respond, even in the most dire situations. i call luck as "positive" nakikita kadalasan ng mga taong positibo dahil laging nandyan lang sa tabi-tabi.just make the choices that will take you there at binigyan tayo lahat ng options :)
sensya namali ako pagtatayp sa "guest" -"guess"- sana...
We may roll the dice but God determines its fall... So, no and definitely hindi sa lotto... No, no.
Blogger Anie, at 9:33 AM  
ako i believe in luck. oftentimes i even rely on it. :P
ah, minsan..? hehe..:D :D
Blogger paeng, at 4:42 PM  
Luck? naniniwala ako, darating sayo kapag gustuhin mo hehhehe
Happy weekend jan!
Anonymous ethel, at 6:36 PM  
para sa akin, it's a blessing! :)
Blogger rHo, at 9:28 PM  
I can't say that I believe in luck. I agree with the others that we have to work hard in order to get what we want. I don't like people who will rely on just luck. Hindi rin ako tumataya sa lotto. :)
ay ako yung nag delete ng comment..napindut lang..hhe

tatay ko adik dyan sa lottO!! minsan naininiwala ako sa luck..pero i believe more in miracles!

nice blog kapatid!di mahirap basahin..hehe
Blogger rUth, at 10:29 PM  
yup, i won in several raffles already.
Blogger Tani, at 10:57 PM  
Luck is a words void of sense. Nothing can exist without a cause.

Have a great weekend, bro!
Blogger jef, at 3:20 AM  
why not?though I dont depend on it..
how bout u?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:40 AM  
nope, not really.
di siguro wheeeww

ano yang pic mo di maopen eh
iskoo... off topic, have a new post, makihula ka! hehe

happy Sunday! :)
Blogger sasha, at 10:21 PM  
luck in lottery? my own luck? NO! ni piso di pa ako nanalo! hehehe
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:12 PM  
i usually say God Bless! rather than Good Luck!
Anonymous abel, at 5:24 AM  
Minsan kasi people tend to stop looking at things very seriously... that's why sometimes they just look for a reason that would be romantic/lighter in concept, hence, when good things happen unexpectedly they call it good luck.

Bad luck on the other hand, my point of view in the concept of bad luck... yup, I agree with u on some level that there's no such thing as bad luck... kaya lang people came up with this CONCEPT of bad luck whom they can blame when something bad happens to them... syempre nga naman ang panget namang iblame ang Creator nila di ba? at the same time, human nature na ang mas madalas na pagblame ng iba kesa sa pagblame ng sarili when something bad happens.

There's this certain passage in Ecclesiates 3, "There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens... He has made everything appropriate to its time, and has put the timeless into their hearts, without men's ever discovering, from beginning to end, the work which God has done". and then, there's this gift of free will from Him. Sabi mo nga... ginawa ni God ung blue prints ng buhay natin, and I believe that when He created the blue print of my life, we were brainstorming, I have my inputs too. but then again, bilang tao, nalimutan ko ang lahat ng mga brinain storm namin, kaya ang nangyari, as we go through our lives, there are still these surprise or LUCK (good and even bad ones).
Anonymous J., at 9:44 PM  

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