Tuesday, November 07, 2006


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i'm getting hooked to coffee. sometimes i feel like i have to put an end to this urge.
do you think coffee poses a threat to one's health?

| posted by Iskoo, 7:57 PM


I think anything in excess can be bad. Pero sa coffee, cguro kung kelangan mo talagang magising oks lng. Hehehe

Pero alam ko me mga bagong herbal coffee na medyo me mga healthy blends tulad ng mushrooms. Baka pwede mo i try
Anonymous Ferdz, at 8:46 PM  
too much coffee? YES! in moderation? NO!
Oy lagay ka chattersbox and sitemeter narin mas maganda. okz lang ang coffee d nakaksama yun lalo sa commercial pa 'a cup in hand is worth a while' musta na?
i love coffee.. so far wala pa namnag masamang effects sa katawan ko.. hehehehe.. so go ahead! drink a cup.. ^_^ healthy ren namna yan kahit papano eh..

-abi (
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:40 AM  
like what my ate told me --> "lahat ng bagay na sobra ay nagiging masama" so if it is too much better stop it...

marami pa namang alternatives para mapanatiling gising tayo,.. na-share ko na sayo yung ginagawa ko... *lol secret lang natin yun... *lol
Blogger pauL, at 12:53 AM  
I drink 5 gallons of coffee a day and aside from the mild schizophrenia... I'm okay. I think?!
personally wala syang masamang epekto sa kin maliban sa madalas lang akong nauubusan ng pera kakakape sa Starbucks.

actually, dami pa nga nyang magandang epekto. pagnainom ako ng kape with frieds, nagiging bonding moment namin. Masaya.

O kahit pa pagmay problema ako masarap din uminom ng kape kasi nakakalimutan ko ung problema ko kasi napapaso ung dila ko.

Hindi epektib sa kin ung nakapanggising ang kape, kasi pag hindi ako makatulog umiinom ako ng kape, ayun, nakakatulog naman ako. Kaso pag may migraine ako hindi ako umiinom ng kape, bawal kasi sa minamigraine ang kape e.

nakaka-3 mug brewed coffee ako dati kasi ung dati kong office masarap ang kape dun, ngayon hindi masyado mga isang cup na three-in-one o kaya 2 cups sa starbucks, wala kasi kaming coffeemaker dito sa office namin ngayon.

ayan ang epekto ng kape sa kin... eto, isa pa pala. ang haba ng comment ko kasi umiinom ako ng kape ngayon, nahahyper ako. :D
Blogger joyce, at 1:43 AM  
caffeine inhibits your bones to absorb calcium. but that's just my head speaking. i drown my miseries over coffee. i just love it!
Try mo rin yung sabi ni Ferdz, marami ng herbal coffee, kahit ilang gallons pa ang ma consume mo oks pa rin sa body.
Anonymous ann, at 1:50 AM  
I do not know how my day would go without a cup of coffee in the morning... maybe 2 or 3 cups in the middle of the day.

Blogger AL, at 2:47 AM  
too much of anything is bad.

but no matter what i love coffee hehe.

bloghoppin... ^_^
Blogger ivy, at 4:21 AM  
yes too much intake of coffee is a health threat....

btw thanks for the dalaw....

ingats too!
Blogger eden, at 7:41 AM  
Coffee is bad for you. But it has more antioxidants than green tea. Or so I've heard.

But yeah, it's bad for you. Drains you of fluids daw or something, and messes up your body clock, stains your teeth, etc etc etc...



Laugh with me.

yeah.. too much coffee... would be bad. :P
Anonymous tina, at 8:09 AM  
issskooo... lahat ng bagay pag sobra ay masama! alagaan mo ang iyong sarili.. baka pagtanda mo e kung ano-ano na nararamdaman mo sige ka!
Blogger rHo, at 8:16 AM  
Life is short. Enjoy!
Blogger kulas, at 4:56 PM  
galing ng blog mo ah, bka naman ikaw din si cruise hehe! pero thanks sa comments bro. ill link up in my blog.

by the way coffee? oh since i started reading books i also get hooked on caffeine. it so addicting especially when your reading. but its much better alternative to cigarette smoking.

hope you didn't smoke coz i've stop 5 months ago. :)
bad for the heart...
Anonymous JO, at 8:57 PM  
I've had read articles about coffee...the latest i had so far from reader's digest"HEALING POWER OF COFFEE"..almost in any way you pour it, java may help fight heart disease, diabetes and-even cancer.

well, the latest evidence shows there's less to worry about than we once thought, and perhaps some expected benefits.

I started my day, with a mug(not a cup) of coffee..enjoyed it with cream..hmmm...and worry-free!

btw, lagay ka tagboard...and link na kita for an easy access...ok lang ba??
too much of coffee i hate coffee
I am addicted to coffee.
It seems that coffee is good for your health. :-)
So this was what you're telling me about a coffee entry. :D

Yeah, coffee is addictive! Drink more of it. :p
Anonymous Jam, at 10:30 PM  
caffeine and sugar is bad. bad. bad. it's addicting too.
Blogger Tani, at 2:11 AM  
i agree with ferdz, lahat naman pag sobra masama. i'm a coffee fanatic long before it became fashionable. pros: gives you a picker-upper; increases alertness; jolts the metabolism. cons: too much can leak calcium from your bones; as a diuretic, makes you pee a bit much or dehydrate. combined with cigarettes -- can be really hazardous to your health.

enjoy your coffee break bro!
Blogger oggie, at 2:56 AM  
isko, dati na yung mga flowers doon sa layout ko, baka that time na nagpunta ka hindi pa nalagas...:D
ako rin! kape,kape,kape!

me antioxidants daw ito! nakakabata... pero warning: dapat hanggang 2 cups lang a day...

anything more would be bad...

kape pa pare!
Anonymous lojik, at 11:39 PM  
too much of anything is bad...

i too love coffee! parang hindi complete ang umaga ko kung walang kape!
nope, coffee is beneficial to our health. no bull. but of course everything in moderation!
need my daily caffeine fix! but agree with the rest of the guys.. everything should be in moderation!:o)
sa bagay kaysa sode, coffee nalang dear!

Blogger cruise, at 6:27 PM  
I prefer Green Tea over coffee :-) but I still love Nescafe and Maxwell Coffee. Yum.
Anonymous Mark, at 10:21 PM  

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