Sunday, November 12, 2006


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There is a common saying that “money is the root of all evil.” it would be more accurate to say base on 1 Timothy 6:10 “for the love of money is the root of all evil.”
Money can help us in doing business,help people and make the world a better place. But when people do bad things in order to obtain what they desire,then its evil.
If you have an extra million, how would you like to spend that?

| posted by Iskoo, 11:20 PM


hahaha... nauna akong nagcomment...

korek! tinanggal nila yung word na 'love'... you can't blame the money... hidni naman yan tao para maging masama eh... it's the LOVE for money which ruins those who become slaves for it...

God bless!
Blogger pauL, at 10:08 PM  
if i have an extra million?

i'd probably spend it to go to egypt. :)

It's my goal to be able to visit (most specially) CAIRO, EGYPT before I turn 30. which leaves me with 3 years to find/earn that extra million ;)
Blogger joyce, at 10:17 PM  
if i have an extra million,ill share them with my family,here and in th phil,then enjoy the luxury of it by traveling and then give some blessings to those in need.
Anonymous ghee, at 10:21 PM  
"But when people do bad things in order to obtain what they desire,
then its evil."

--> how about robinhood? do you think he's evil? how about the end? does it mean something?

excuse the ignorance. playing the devil's advocate is more fun than saying, "yea i are so very right."

if i have an extra million, i would travel more. make sure it's around the world this time.
Anonymous rayts, at 11:13 PM  
if i have an extra million, i'll use it to convert filipino kids/teens to be professional bloggers and/or computer setting up a technical school with P0.00 tuition fee of course!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:37 PM  
an extra million.... huweweyt nabigla ata ako! hindi ko maisip anong unang gagawin ko.

magpahid muna siguro ako ng muta at bumili ng almusal. bagong gising kase ako eh! eheheH!
Anonymous lojik, at 12:22 AM  
ako rin di ko rin alam kung paano ko yan gagamitin. wag na lang problemahin ko pa yan kung saan ko ilalagay baka mitsa pa yan ng buhay ko. hahaha...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:39 AM  
Hmmm... I guess I would invest part of it in another business where I'll get more passive income in Millions and do whatever I want wether to share with people and for my personal pleasure. Hehehe
Anonymous Ferdz, at 3:36 AM  
if i had an extra million, first thing id do would be to get my dreamphone, the nokia n90, donate a part of it to church, bring my grandmum to a fancy resto, go to amanpulo wiv my friends :)
Everyday visit sa spa and sa hair salon and shop til I drop. ahahah! Vanity, vanity, where thou art? But seriously, I'd buy myself a sports car... yung pink! Who cares if I don't have a driver's liscense... Oh wait, I don't even know how to drive, for crying out loud! *tsk, tsk, tsk*
Blogger Anie, at 9:52 AM  
i agree, the end doesn't justify the means... if we've got the thinking of going robinhood, then we all can resort to stealing and just justify our actions and invent all alibis... for if even we steal something that is a loot, it doesn't make us no different from those who stole it...
Anonymous gbert, at 11:16 AM  
Dont know yet.

normal na ata to secure a house and lot, then put some in the bank.

Or, yon!
Papanoorin ko lahat ang four grand slams ng tennis tournaments, sa OZ,France,UK and US. Saka bibili ako ng BMW X5. Oops! One million euro nga pala ang tinutukoy ko,hindi peso! hehehe!
Interesting question!
I've always asked myself what to do when that happens to me...mukhang mas mahirap isulat kesa's to sum it up:
I would definitely quit my job, invest, travel and share my winnings.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:36 PM  
extra ba kamo! hmm sa akin nalang un, baka di magkatotoo eh :-)
I would invest this money in the companies/businesses of the 3 richest people on earth. And then I would just WAIT... till I reach rank number four.
Then I can really start thinking of what I will do with all my money! ;-)
Blogger Sidney, at 6:03 PM  
a tenth to charity, a part goes to family, a chunk pang-negosyo, a big slice pang-lagalag, hahaha.
money isn't bad, it's the stewardship of wealth that can go awry.
Blogger oggie, at 8:16 PM  
ill spend my 1million by securing my childs education then the remaining il give to those who's in need like the mahihirap na kababayans.
Tour the Carribbean. money money money...
aba.. aba.. uuwi agad ako ng pilipinss tapos syempre konting travel at mamamahagi sa mga nangangailangan!! hmmmm.... meron pa pala, yung iba invest ko na lang! hehehe..
Blogger rHo, at 7:22 AM  
an extra million?

i'll definitely invest it in a food business ;)
Anonymous abel, at 11:41 AM  
a million (pesos) is not enough to buy a 65 Sq.m. condo nowadays... but then I still would like to buy one then avail of a loan from the bank to cover the rest. :-))

nice post!

I'll link you up, k? Hope you don't mind.
Anonymous Joy, at 2:00 AM  
pesos or dollars? kasi kung dollars, titigil na ako sa pag-aaral, idedeposito ko yung pera sa banko at iwiwithdraw ko yung interest buwan-buwan. ayt!
Anonymous gary, at 3:28 AM  
hmmm i guess ill travel to my dream place :>
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:27 AM  
hi there!!!

yah... its the love for money that makes the person evil.

but i wish i have a lot of money kasi its the answer of my needs.. hehehe

Have a nice weekend dude. ex links?
Blogger _ice_, at 6:45 PM  

wan ko.. bibilin ko lahat ng gs2 ko! hahhah..
Blogger paeng, at 8:30 PM  
i'll probably renovate our house if i have an extra million.
Blogger Ymir, at 4:10 AM  
happy weekend!!

walang update? :)
Anonymous ghee, at 8:01 AM  
I would like to hire an investigator and let him take thousands of photos of you and I will post it in my site with the heading:

" ISKOO Revealed!"

Blogger jef, at 7:16 PM  
ako pala yung gary na nagcomment diyan sa taas. link ex? :)
Anonymous gary, at 11:49 PM  
hhmmm..invest ko para sa future ng mga kids ko. Wag na educational plan, nalulugi na sila eh. Bank na lang siguro para sure.
Anonymous ann, at 12:16 AM  
an extra million?
hmn. siguro pang shopping spree para sa mga younger cousins & pamangkins ko. :D
mahilig kasi akong bumili ng kung anu-ano para sa kanila. hehe
tapos cyempre yung mga bagay na gusto ko. wahaha.
Anonymous cnaj, at 9:48 AM  
aba! religious ka pala noh?

if i have an extra illion, i would share it to our less fortunate countrymen. and this is not a beauty contestant answer. totoo yan. sana lang mapansin ko na may extra millions ako. hehe
hahahaha. nice question. a million answers. to me, lack of money is the root of all evil -- same thing as love of money. more like chicken and egg.

but on the practical side, lack of money IS the REAL root of evil -- as far as the modern days are concerned.

as for that question... big time. its up to you. if you're not sick and you have extra! go spend it out, or invest in it! don't commit the mistake of sharing it with your countrymen or people you don't know. Just share it to perhaps friends or families if you want -- but to the "less fortunate", you just waste them. and besides, all of us have less fortunate friends and relatives anyway. :-)

to answer your question,
Anonymous sc, at 8:43 AM  
nice one SC. lack of money is the root of all evil!!!! hahaha but true!
Blogger cruise, at 6:08 PM  

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