Friday, November 10, 2006


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celfone is the most reliable tool to quickly connect with love ones, what a relief to know that family members are safe from any harm
how many celfone do you own and why?

| posted by Iskoo, 5:34 AM


i actually have two. and they are not exactly "high-end". The other one has no camera.

Anyhow, if you ask me how many are there in this household? It could be one for each member... and there are a lot of us in this household.

Cellphones is a must. ;p

Actually i wont be just leave the blogging world for two weeks.. but leave the entire Davao city as well.. and away from college. haha! Anyhow, thanks for commenting.
Blogger tina, at 7:56 AM  
One each lang, with camera but never used, kasi me digicam, mas madali i kabit sa pc.
Mahal ang monthly sa france, 27 euros( 1900 pesos) two hours monthly.
So I let other call me than me calling them, tipidz.
di pa uso sms text dito. Tagal sagutin ang text dito. tamad!
Got two. One with SMART roaming, so family and friends from Pinas can text me for only Php1/text, and I use a Nokia 6020 for that. Another one is a Motorola V360 which is powered by ROGERS, and this is what I use often.
yup these days napaka importante na ng cell phone ! i got two actually but just one with camera.i use to send message way back home PI during the week .

kind regards!

salamat sa dalaw at sa komento:)
Blogger eden, at 3:42 PM  
Yes, mobile phone is important now a days...I owned 2 actually, but I lost contact to everyone since there's no power in our area for 2 days last week when Milenyo strikes us,
the lesson I learned is always check the batt in case the same thing happened....
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:33 PM  
Hmn. I owned 3 cellphones in my lifetime.
A gray 3210, a blue 3300 (or was it 3310? I forgot), and now my trusty 6600.
All of them were products of hard labor. I literally had to earn it.. even though I'm just a 14 year old or something.
The recent one? I had to wait for like.. 2 1/2 almost 3 years to have my old broken phone replaced.
Cellphone is important, but for me, computers are much more important.
We have more computers at home than our cellphones combined... so there.
Anonymous cnaj, at 7:04 PM  
Having a celphone really isn't a must as opposed to what seems to be the case back in the Philippines. Apparently, every person there now has to own couple or so, which is cool, I think. I don't know, but I've abandoned the use of celphone since coming here. It's not really something I can't live without, you know? Communication is one thing, but having to splurge on a new model of celphone each time is another. For me, at least. Hey, thanks for always dropping by my blog. Appreciate it!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:39 PM  
hmmm... i only have one 3-year old 6600 :)

sa bahay... hindi ko alam ilan lahat lahat, kasi me celphone na ginagamit pa sa mga eload, at automax plus ung sa nanay at kapatid ko pa.

basta ako, isa lang. gusto ko na ng bago... ala lang pambili. :D
Blogger joyce, at 7:54 PM  
I only own one. Pag nag-a-upgrade pinamimigay ko sa kapatid kung bunso hehe.

Aba, baket at di mo gustong ipakita ang mukha mo hehe :-)
Blogger jef, at 8:41 PM  
i got two... one for roaming, same purpose with g.knotee and the other is for my daily used. both had no cams...
One per family member. I miss the old days when we didn't have cellphones. When we really really talked, in person and with our mouth and ears... not our thumbs.

Oh well... This is where the world is heading.
isa lang muna koya. wehehe.
We have 4 celpone in the house, 3 are saudi sim and 1 smart roaming. Tipid sa text from the phils yung roaming.
Anonymous ann, at 10:52 PM  
i have two..two lowtech fones..hehehe
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:17 AM  
i had two. i attempted to segregate my personal life and my work life. but found that it was too damn hard. so now i've narrowed it down to one.

it's the connection that's important, if there were no celphones, we'd find another way.
bro, i personally have two, one each for my globe and smart accounts. these days, it pays to have the sim of these two network lalo na pag me bagyo. when one is down, at least, hopefully, the other one is up. then again, balewala ang mobile phones pag nag-giba ang mga microwave towers.
Blogger oggie, at 1:44 AM  
I only got one phone. Sa bahay collectively we have 6 phones. Daming tao sa house
Anonymous Ferdz, at 2:52 AM  
i've got two but both from jurassic era... anyhow, they're both in good condition... when milenyo struck manila last week, sun cellular was at the same time catastrophic... i couldn't reach anybody from the office...
Anonymous gbert, at 6:28 AM  
isa lang ang phone ko... hehehehe kasi para masaya lang!
Blogger rHo, at 7:39 AM  
korek! kasama na siguro ang phones sa basic needs ng tao... uhm before i had two phones... tsk tsk... yung isa sumama sa akin sa pagswimming... ayun sira na... now i only have 1 phone... huhuhuhu
Blogger pauL, at 8:56 AM  
we all have one each for each member of the family.

i used to think i couldn't live without bluetooth and a camera. then i realized, i'm still breathing, aren't i? hehehe
Blogger ivy, at 9:15 AM  
I only have one. Can't afford to buy for another one. :D Except for my father who has two cellphones, we have one cellphone each member of the family. Magastos nga masyado eh kasi pito lahat yung nilo-load-an ng papa ko. Nagrereklamo na minsan.
Anonymous Jam, at 1:21 PM  
Yeah i cant live w/o cellphone before now I can
Only one. Globe signal was quite bad during the typhoon. And how many times did I got the message: network is busy.
But of course I couldn't miss my cell phone!
i got two, a SE W810i and a pink moto razr. used to have an xda mini but i sold that and just bought a walkman phone. nagsawa na siguro. xda mini ang pinakamatagal kong phone eh. :)

re: styro. hmmm, i think yan nga yung reason why yan yung outermost layer sa building namin. pero nakakatawa pa din diba?

exchange links>?
Anonymous shai, at 1:54 AM  
Importante na talaga ang mobile, best way para ma-check mo kung oks mga love ones natin. My first mobile phone, bigay sa akin ng daddy ko nang magpa-practicum na ako sa city, gusto niya na lagi niya akong ma-check kaya 'yun, nagka-cellphone ako... at hanggang ngayon buo pa 'yung phone na 'yun... mahal na mahal ko 'yun.
May bago na akong phone na walang cam... oks lang, importante lang sa akin ay nagagamit ko siyang pan-text at pantawag.
Blogger Wendy, at 5:03 AM  
ako dalawa lang.. tapos 3 sim.. ehhehe... kasi may mga kurpot akong friends na ayaw mag text sa ibang network kaya ako ang nag adjust para sa kanila.. ehehhehe

Blogger abi, at 6:16 AM  
obvious na yung cell fone nga ang gusto mong ipakita,sana sinama mo na yung face mo,:)

ako,i only have one cell..tamad akong mag txt,hehe,mas type ko pa rin ang comp,chaka busy kase ako. :)
Anonymous ghee, at 8:02 AM  
I have two cellphone...yung isa naka-roaming, i'm using it pang receive ng text from my love ones in Pinas and yung isa naman gamit ko dito sa Toronto and pangtext na din as well sa atin.

Thanks nga pala sa pagbisita mo sa blog ko and sa comment :)
isa lang phone ko. 5210, ilang taon na ito. Simula pa nung bago ako mag 4th year HS, graduating na ko sa kolehiyo ngayon. ahaha...

Siguro bibili kapag nakatapos na, pang importanteng calls and text lang naman kasi ang gamit ko. Unlike sa iba na parang tshirt lang papalit palit. hehe...

Yong parents ko may roaming na sim din sa saudi, tipid e. nyahaha

ako na lang yata sa pamilya ang hindi nagpapalit ng phone. tsk tsk.. wala pang camera. tsk tsk
Anonymous jong, at 2:19 PM  
well for me cellphones are necessity na these days, and its very helpful...

i only have one cp at a time, whenever i buy new cp my old one would be a hand down to siblings hehehe..

we have these rule in my fam that u cannot have your own cp until you graduated from college. my father's rule hehehe. he thinks kasi na cp is distraction, well siguro tama cya, plus cp means added expenses.

right now we have 4 cp's in our household :)
2 lang CP ko, isang luma na pang roaming at isang luma din pang regular use. sa bahay di ko na alam kung ilan talaga CP, sang madakdak ngalang wala namang load at sim, bwahaha
Blogger cruise, at 6:06 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:55 AM  

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