Wednesday, November 15, 2006


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Which part of your body you consider as your best asset?

| posted by Iskoo, 6:18 PM


I can't tell this here... ;-)
Blogger Sidney, at 6:47 PM  
ako lahat..hahaha! (kapal)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:41 PM  
ako din lahat! haha! i believe in perfection and we are all made perfect. nyahaha. -_-
Blogger tina, at 8:10 PM  
I'm the whole package. Hahaha! (kapal)

Pero siguro hands and eyes dahil yun ang kabuhayan ko. Hehehe
Anonymous Ferdz, at 9:19 PM  
haha. interesting posts dude... i like it when you let the pics speak for itself :)
eyes and lips :)
sakin, back part ng katawan ko.. heheh... *lol

for formality, eyes daw.. ewan ko kung bakit.. hehe. but for me, siguro lahat, bigay ni God eh.. :-)
Blogger puklo, at 12:08 AM  
asset ko utak ko kasi i use them more often than any of my body parts... :)
Anonymous gbert, at 12:53 AM  
my bilbil hahaha...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:28 AM  
best asset? Hmmm... my eyes and eyebrows I guess. Very expressive. You can tell whether I'm happy or angry or amused or sad.

Iskoo, link kita ha!
Blogger watson, at 1:47 AM  
hmm... ano nga ba? hands? hehe
Hmmm...tough question to answer but deep within me i know what it is...all i can say is its for you to find out hehehehe...(evil grin).
Anonymous basey, at 6:03 AM  
I agree with sidney LOL! They might ban blogger if it happens hehe :-)
Blogger jef, at 6:31 AM  
Thanks for dropping by at my sweet of you, truly appreciate that and do come by again ya?

Me? Asset? Hahahah.....must be my lips lor :D
my lips and my chin hehe

nice eyes! linked u iskoo ha :)
Blogger sasha, at 7:18 AM  
my lips and my.. ahm.. haha..
my nose :)
ako lips ko! hehhee
mata mo ba yan, blue eye ah! :)
Happy weekend!
Anonymous ethel, at 9:53 AM  
err... my teeth
Anonymous abel, at 9:53 AM  
my uhmm... I dont know? Oo nga, ano kaya? Shucks parang wala ata e. Hehe
Anonymous yshie, at 9:54 AM  

used to have the body pero ndi na ngayon..

mata, oo dati pero ngayon nag eyeglass na me, sira mata eh,

asset? hmmm wala akong maisip

hehehe btw hairychest..
Blogger _ice_, at 5:25 PM  
hands and feet. i know even my face but it's obvious already. yun ang kakapalan! ang kapal! hahahah :)
naunahan mo ako! im reserving this shot for my 100th post. hehe.
Blogger Ymir, at 6:03 PM  
aah i love the fact that i can see the camera in your pupil! :) astig!

anyway, on-topic, i don't know... my eyes? eep
Blogger ivy, at 9:14 PM  
hhhhmmm..cant think of any..
sabi eyes...and my dimples, and my teeth...hahaa!!!!

sabi naman ng nanay ko... lahat! lol!!!!

cgeh, isko dito ko na lang kuhanin eye mo for your out...meron nga pala akong di -isasama sa sketch...kasi madali mong mahulaan..the image in your pupil....ok???:-)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:54 PM  
Hmmm... Interesting. I'll go ask my dad... Sabi nya lahat daw... Ahahahah!
Blogger Anie, at 1:38 AM  
my eyes,my lips,my breast and my posture :D
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:03 AM  
My spleen. hehe... ala ako maisip and ala sumasagot nito if this question is asked. :)
Thanks for dropping by my blog! Nice pic you've got there! Btw, best asset?
Hair. ^-^
Anonymous celena, at 7:08 AM  
my innards?! hahaha... ewan ko.
i see a person trying to be strong in behind the eye..
My eyes din. :)
Is that pic yours? Nice one!

Hmmm, my best asset??? Secret! hahaha... But my mom like my hips, i got it from her hehe :)
my drop-dead gorgeous *toot*
Blogger Tani, at 10:44 PM  
my *toot* and my *toot* haha...i guess my beautiful smile...
my dimples... nyahahaha!

eto na ba scrapp ko?
I think its group effort on my part :)
Best asset ko? Siyempre lahat... naks!
Blogger Wendy, at 3:25 AM  
aba tiger look na tiger look ha mata mo ba to pare? totoo? owwwwssss?hihihi
Nice eyes.

Sabi nila yung mata at dimples. Or yung di nakikita at nakatago. Bwahahaha. Wag nang pansinin.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:47 PM  
eyes and smile ko daw ni sabi ryan...
Blogger kendi, at 7:54 PM  
the eyes! it is the soul of the heart of the person. If the eyes are simple, goes the heart too.
ako? shoulders ko! ahahah! wala lang. i love it!
Anonymous lojik, at 7:43 PM  
ako alam ko mata at pilik-mata... pero marami nagsasabi ung smile daw... at saka minsan sinasabi din nila ung "ano" ko daw :P
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:38 PM  
Joyce ito... - ung anonymous...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:39 PM  

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